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    Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High SchoolCapital City SchoolGeorge Washington Carver School of Arts and ScienceThe MET Sacramento High SchoolSacramento New Technology High SchoolSchool of Engineering and SciencesWest Campus High School

    Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School

    Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School (HPHS) boasts of a unique, innovative, and challenging program that focuses on allied health professions. HPHS is the perfect small school for high school students who aim to exceed in the healthcare industry through internships, work advantage certification programs, and a competitive college prep curriculum.


    Capital City School

    Capital City School is an independent study school that administers individualized and customized education for each student. The school utilizes both alternative and traditional teaching strategies. At CCS, teachers take into account the student’s educational goals, interests, aptitudes, and abilities to design an educational plan to fit their individual needs. It also has programs that enable students to graduate early, while attending Community College concurrently. Capital City School’s individualized study program is compatible with students who wish to focus on other activities, such as sports, without compromising education.


    George Washington Carver School Of Arts And Science

    The George Washington Carver High School is the first public high school in California to apply the Waldorf methods. The hallmark of a Waldorf program is the main lesson period, which is a two-hour seminar-like class during a three to four-week block. Students also create their own textbooks, as well as engage in artistic projects for every main lesson.


    The MET Sacramento High School

    The Met Sacramento High School believes that Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships are the prerequisites to authentic educational experiences. The Met exposes its students to hands-on learning through internships in their areas of interest. Students are expected to accomplish long-term projects for the internship sites twice a week. In addition, the school forges strong relationships between teachers and students by conducting mentorships, as well as encouraging students to be on first-name basis with their teachers. It also promotes parent participation and involvement through exhibitions that demonstrate the student’s learning progress.


    Sacramento New Technology High School

    The Sacramento New Technology High School utilizes the Project Based Learning (PBL) method of instruction. Students at New Tech are given a project with an end-goal in mind and are provided with workshops and tutorials to be able to complete the project. Through team teaching, teachers integrate their curriculum within the completion of the project. New Tech maximizes collaboration in formulating sound solutions and accomplishing projects.


    School Of Engineering And Sciences

    The School of Engineering and Sciences equips students with a rigorous academic and technical course sequence. The school provides high levels of learning that concentrates on science and engineering. The school uses enrichment programs and opportunities to enhance hands-on learning, through FIRSTs (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology). These activities are the FIRST Robotics, FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Lego League, ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering), and JR. ACE. National test scores at SES are above the state average.


    West Campus High School

    West Campus High School presents a challenging curriculum that is focused on college and career readiness. West Campus received a silver medal award in the latest National Rankings in 2017. It takes pride in its students – stellar GPAs and high national test scores. The number of advanced courses taken per student at West Campus is also much higher than the state average.


    Why Choose A Small School Network?


    When it comes to education, size matters. Research shows that the best way to create a better school is to create a small school. Small schools provide a focused learning environment without compromising a holistic education.

    In a small school, you matter. Choosing a small school can mean developing a louder voice for a student. By focusing on collaborations, one-on-one discussions, and hands-on opportunities, students maximize each second of their learning experience.

    In a small school, your time matters. By choosing a small school, students are choosing time for themselves. Students have the liberty to organize their schedule, consequently developing good time management in the process.

    In a small school, quality education matters. A small school could seem big depending on how students perceive their education. Whether a student wants their education to concentrate on the engineering and the sciences, technical skills, health, social justice or individualized learning, the Small Schools Network just might have the perfect school for you.

    The Small School Network consists of college preparatory public and dependent charter schools within the Sacramento City Unified School District. The Arthur Benjamin Health Professions High School, The Met Sacramento High School, George Washington Carver School of Arts & Science, Sacramento New Tech High School, West Campus High School, School of Engineering & Sciences, and the Capital City School. Together, these schools create the micro powerhouse that is the Small Schools Network.

    In the Small Schools Network, we believe that choosing small can create a big impact.


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